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Ankeny Boosters

Booster Club Passes are NOW AVAILABLE!!


We apologize to those who are still having issues with their membership passes through the Varsity Bound app.  We know for some it is working as it should, and for others it is still not working after a month of trying to work out the issues, and we join in your frustration.

If you are still having issues with any of your passes, please email  We have a solution for you, but need to know who you are so we can fix the problem!

Even if you have contacted us previously, if your app and tickets are still not working, please reach out again.  This is the only way we can be sure we have fixed the issues and get you a pass that works.

Again, we apologize for the issues you have experienced, and promise to make it right.  Thank you so much for your patience.

Cindy Shannon
President, Ankeny Booster Club

Select your schools image above and follow these helpful tips:

  1. Click the 'Buy Now' button

  2. Log in or sign up for your Varsity Bound account

  3. Once you have logged in, select the type of pass you would like to purchase:

Corporate Annual Pass: Available for local businesses; includes 2 membership passes and advertising on the Booster Club website
Family Annual Pass: Includes a pass for all members of your family living in the same household
Parent Annual Pass: Includes up to 2 passes for parents living in the same household

  1. When you have chosen the type of pass you would like to purchase, enter the number of passes you will need and click 'add to cart'

  2. Next you will need to enter an email address for each individual you would like a pass to be sent to.  Each family member going to a game will need their individual pass on their phone so a separate email will need to be entered.  *For younger members of your family that may not have their own phone or email, enter the same parent email address and the passes will be sent to the parent.

  3. Once you have all email addresses entered, proceed to the payment section

  4. When your payment is completed, an email will be sent to you with further instructions and the tickets will be placed in your Varsity Bound account

*Regardless of which school you attend, passes will work for BOTH schools

FAQ Section

  • Once your purchase is complete, tickets will be delivered to your Varsity Bound app.  Please make sure you download the app and create an account or log in with the same email used for purchase.

  • To find your tickets, click on your profile in the Varsity Bound App, then click on tickets.

  • If you did not assign some of your tickets to a specific email during the purchase process you will see all of those tickets in your app.  Everyone attending an event with those tickets will need to be with you for entry as you have all of the tickets on your phone/app.  You also have the ability to ‘assign’ those tickets to a different email if you choose.  BUT CAUTION: Once you assign those tickets to a different email address, you can’t re-assign them!  You will need to contact the Booster President if this situation occurs and you need the tickets back to your email.

  • IMPORTANT!!  DO NOT CLICK ‘TAP AT GATE’!! This activates your ticket (appears as ‘used’) as if you are at an event!  You will show your pass at the gate of an event and the ticket personnel will click ‘Tap at Gate’ to active the ticket as ‘used’.

  • Upon arrival to the game, have your ticket up on your app and ready to go!  Screen shots will NOT be acceptable!  Internet at the stadiums can be slow, so please make sure you pull up your ticket in advance!

Below is what your tickets may look like!

Example Tickets

Boosters Help Support Our Teams — Join Us!

The Ankeny community has a long, and rich tradition of supporting its athletic programs, and the Booster Club plays a vital role in raising the much-needed funds for our all of our activity programs. As Booster Members, we equally help both Ankeny High and Ankeny Centennial by:


  • Offering Annual Booster Memberships

  • Running and Coordinating Concession Stand Sales

  • Running and Coordinating Youth Camps

  • Conducting Special Fundraising Events, such as the Booster Bash and Cake Auction

By becoming a member, your contributions help the following athletic activities:





Boys & Girls Basketball






Dance Team



Boys & Girls Cross-Country









Boys & Girls Golf









Boys & Girls Swimming









Boys & Girls Tennis







Boys & Girls Track






Boys & Girls Soccer




How Your Money Helps the Schools

In the past 3 years, the Ankeny Boosters have donated more than $250,000 to each school, along with hundreds of volunteer hours.

The schools are essentially responsible for transportation to athletic events and coaches' salaries. The rest of the activity programs are financially supported either through gate fees or booster club donations.

The booster funds are provided directly to the school's Activities Directors and in the past they allocated the money toward the following:

In support of ALL sports:

  • Weight room enhancements & equipment
  • Summer camps
  • Hudl package & focus camera
  • Training room supplies
  • Trophy case graphics


  • Girls uniforms
  • Girls equipment
  • Course green fees


  • New uniforms
  • UCA Cheer Camp 

Cross Country:

  • Boys & Girls uniforms & warm-ups

Dance Team:

  • Performance uniforms
  • Pom uniforms


  • New uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Goal post padding
  • Drinking Stations
  • 25 second clocks at NV Stadium


  • Boys & Girls uniforms & shooting shirts
  • Equipment
  • Dr. Dish (Boys & Girls)
  • Shoot-A-Way guns


  • Equipment
  • Uniforms


  • Equipment & signage
  • Singlets
  • Mats

Track & Field:

  • Girls uniforms
  • Shot & discus area upgrades
  • Long jump pit covers

Baseball & Softball:

  • Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Press box logo
  • Sound system for fields
  • Baseball batting cages
  • Indoor hitting cage


  • Boys & Girls uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Signage


  • Boys & Girls uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Goals
  • Team Tent


  • Girls swim suits
  • Girls & Boys record board at Trail Point
  • Chairs & tables for home swim meets at Trail Point
  • Splash guard for DMACC Pool


  • Uniforms

Become an Ankeny Booster today and enjoy the benefits of membership. If you choose not to be a member, we understand, but please continue to support our athletes by attending all home games. Your financial support (ticket fees and concessions sales) will go back to the schools, and your encouragement in the stands is invaluable. 



Great Board Members Wanted

Do you feel you can make an impactful and positive difference for Ankeny student-athletes and the community?  If so, WE WANT YOU!

The Ankeny Booster board is looking for enthusiastic, results-driven volunteers from both schools to fill various roles on the  Booster Board

All board members are involved with Special Fundraising Events, and participate in the coordination of concession stands for Ankeny sports activities. Most board members serve on the board for three years.

Ankeny is full of talented and dedicated people who possess the skills to help drive the Booster Club forward. If you believe you have what it takes, and have a burning desire to make a positive contribution to our wonderful community, we encourage your participation.

The city of Ankeny, our children, and the continued growth and reputation of our community is only as good as the strength and character of its people. The Ankeny Booster Club wants to continue our winning tradition by incorporating character-driven, inspirational and innovative individuals to help usher in the next wave of parents, kids and Ankeny teams. 

Please contact a current board member to join us and help make a difference.


Contact  - Cindy Shannon

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